A special thanks to DJ Host Gary Major for the introduction sound byte. Gary was at Daniel's Den from late 1965 to early 67, WSAM from Nov 1967- to April 1970, and WKNX April 1970 until Aug 1972.

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The Bossmen - Saginaw's Garage Band 1964 - 1967

Michigan Garage Band

Started out in Saginaw as the Playboys and then quickly changed their name to the Bossmen. The Bossmen was Daniels Den's number one psychedelic rock-n-roll group from 1964 - 1967. The Bossmen included:

Dick Wagner (Lead Guitar, Vocals); later went on to the Frost, Lou Reed and Alice Cooper

Lanny Roenicke (Bass Guitar, Vocals, Trumpet)

Warren Keith (Piano, Vocals); later played with Hank Williams junior

Pete Woodman (Drums); later went on to Popcorn Blizzard a.k.a. Meatloaf

Mark Farner (Guitar, Vocals); went on to Grand Funk Railroad

Featured Song

"Thanks to You," written by Lanny Roenicke; recorded by M & L - Filtered Fidelity - Records.

A special thanks to Flat, Black and Circular Music in East Lansing for lending their Michigan Garage Group expertise to the website.